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More basic Irish phrases (a wombat explanation)
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Author:  mhwombat [ Sun 25 Mar 2012 8:52 pm ]
Post subject:  More basic Irish phrases (a wombat explanation)

For a complete list of wombat explanations, see: viewforum.php?f=34

Most of the conversation in this thread will come from the first thread, or from:

- lessons 4, 5, and 6
- The "cheat sheet" below

Cheat Sheet
Here is a "cheat sheet" of phrases that we often use in simple conversation.

NOTE: You probably realise by now that beginnings of words change (lenition or eclipsis) in Irish in certain situations, as do endings. I haven't explained those rules here; you can learn them from lessons mentioned above.

Describing someone or something, cont.

Example: Tá sé __adjective__ = He/it is _____

Tá mé (or Táim) = I am TAW MAY
Tá tú = You are TAW TOO
Tá sé = He/it is TAW SHAY
Tá sí = She/it is TAW SHEE
Tá muid (or Táimid) = We are TAW MWIJ
Tá sibh = You (plural) are TAW SHIV
Tá siad = They are TAW SHEED

Example: Níl sí __adjective__ = She/it isn't _____

Níl mé (or Nílim) = I am not NEEL MAY
Níl tú = You are not NEEL TOO
Níl sé = He/it is not NEEL SHAY
Níl sí = She/it is not NEEL SHEE
Níl muid (or Nílimid) = We are not NEEL MWIJ
Níl sibh = You (plural) are not NEEL SHIV
Níl siad = They are not NEEL SHEED

Asking questions

An bhfuil mé? = Am I? (uh) WILL MAY
An bhfuil tú? = Are you? (uh) WILL TOO
An bhfuil sé? = Is he/it? (uh) WILL SHAY
An bhfuil sí? = Is she/it? (uh) WILL SHEE
An bhfuil muid (or An bhfuilimid?) = Are we? (uh) WILL MWIJ
An bhfuil sibh? = Are you (plural)? (uh) WILL SHIV
An bhfuil siad? = Are they? (uh) WILL SHEED

Nach bhfuil mé? = Aren't I? NAKH WILL MAY
Nach bhfuil tú? = Aren't you? NAKH WILL TOO
Nach bhfuil sé? = Isn't he/it? NAKH WILL SHAY
Nach bhfuil sí? = Isn't she/it? NAKH WILL SHEE
Nach bhfuil muid (or Nach bhfuilimid?) = Aren't we? NAKH WILL MWIJ
Nach bhfuil sibh? = Aren't you (plural)? NAKH WILL SHIV
Nach bhfuil siad? = Aren't they? NAKH WILL SHEED

All of these questions are answered simply or Níl.

Cá bhfuil...? = Where is ...?

More Adjectives
dathúil or doighiúil good-looking DAW-hyool, DOY-hyool
cairdiúil friendly KAR-jool
lách pleasant LAHkh
breá fine BRAA
álainn beautiful AW-lun
daor dear, expensive DEER
saor cheap, inexpensive SEER
tinn sick, sore CHEEN
spéisiúil interesting SPAY-shool
tabhachtach important TAH-wukh-tukh
glic cunning, "cute" GLIK
tuirseach tired TOOR-shukh
glán clean GLAHN
salach dirty SAH-lukh
deacair difficult JAA-ker
éasca easy AY-skuh
láidir strong LAW-jer
lag weak LAHG
dána bold, naughty DAH-nuh

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