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Author:  mhwombat [ Wed 04 Jul 2012 8:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Types of people

Irish has a lot of words for types of people. I extracted this list from Dinneen.

WARNING: pre-reform spellings

acfuinneach, -igh, -ighe m., a person of large means.
adhaltán, -áin, pl. id., m., a deaf person; a dolt.
aibéis, -e, f., a slovenly person (Aran).
aicídeach, -digh, -dighe, m., a sick person.
áidhbheirseoir, -ora, -oiridhe, m., an adversary; the devil; a wicked person (used in pl. in this sense); pron. áirseoir.
ailp, -e, pl. alpa, ailpeacha, f., a protuberance, a huge lump, a high mountain; a stout person; a bite, a mouthful; a bite of a vicious dog or horse.
ailteoir, -ora, -oiridhe, m., one who plays pranks, an "arch" fellow, a frivolous person. aimh- (amh-), neg. pref., un-, in-, dis-, not.
aindeiseoir, -ora, -oiridhe, m., an unfortunate person or thing, a wretch; dim. aindeiseoirín is common.
aindlightheach, -thigh, -thighe, m., a lawless person, an outlaw.
ainscian, -cine, pl. -ceanna, f., a large knife; fury, extravagance; a furious or wild person.
airceasach, -aigh, pl. id., m., a greedy or distressed person.
aithid, -e, -idhe, f., an asp, a wild beast; a peevish person; a creature, person; gach aithid againn, each one of us.
aithiseach, -sigh, pl. -sighe, m., an abusive person.
alpghail, -e, f., answering a person gruffly, scolding vehemently. See alpadh. alp luachra (also earc luachra, al luachra, airc luachra), a newt, a lizard.
amlóg, -óige, -óga, f., a female fool, a witless person.
antlásach, -aigh, pl. id., a facetious, merry fellow; a greedy person.
aoinne, g. id., m., any one, any person (also éinne).
aol-chrothach, -aighe, a., of lime-white appearance, of beautiful form; as subs., a beautiful person.
aonarán, -áin, pl. id., m., a solitary person, one alone by himself.
aonduine (aoinne and éinne), g. id., m., one person, any one; with neg. no one, nobody.
aon-ghealt, -gheilt, m., a very mad person.
aonraic, -aca, m., one person, a person alone or without help; tá mé 'm'aonraic, I am alone or helpless (Con.).
aosánach, -aigh, pl. id., m., a young person.
árrachtuidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a half-naked person, a homeless wanderer, as a hare, fox W. Ker.).
athchuingim, -ge, v. tr. (tr. of the request, with ar of the person besought), I beg, entreat, beseech.
athlaoch, -aoigh, m., a very old person; an old soldier.
baclámhach, -aigh, pl. id., m., a one-handed person; one disabled in the hands.
baclámh, -láimhe, -lámha, f., a disabled hand or arm; a lame-handed person. See lámh.
baillséar, -éir, pl. -éir, -éiridhe, m., an awkward person; is ionann le chéile an baillséar is a ghiolla (Con.); ag déanamh baillséir ar dhuine, humbugging one (Aran).
báisín, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a weakling, a person of sickly appearance (dim. of bás, death).
balbh, -ailbh, pl. id., m., a dumb person.
balbhán, -áin, pl. id., m., a dumb person, a mute, a stammerer.
balcaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a strong, stout person.
banndairne, g. id., pl. -nidhe, m., a disappointed person; ex., d'fhág tú mise im' bhanndairne, you left me delayed and disappointed (?) (Clare). Perhaps the same as bambainne.
baoiseach, -sigh, -sighe, m., a silly person.
barruidhe, g. id., m., an upstart; a haughty aspirant; a proud person; barruidhe álainn, a proud queenly woman (Don.).
básán, -áin, pl. id., m., a slow, languid person.
beag-mhaith, m., a useless person.
bimbealóir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., a foolish person (Don.)
bíodhbha, g. -bhan -bhadh and -bhaidh, pl. -bhaidhe, gpl. -bhadh, m., an enemy, a robber; a guilty person.
bíodhgaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a lively, active person.
bioránach, -aigh -aighe, m., a boy; a rakish person; a pin-cushion.
bleachtaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a person that milks cows; a manager of milk; one who deaL in milk; a wheedler, a flatterer; a detective.
blobaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a blubber-lipped person, a stammerer (also plobaire).
blobarán, -áin, pl. id., m., a blubber-lipped person, a stutterer; one who speaks thickly or indistinctly.
blocaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a strong, stout person or thing.
blogam, -aim, pl. id., m., a mouthful, a sup, a small portion; blogam bainne, a sup of milk; an easy-going person (Clare). See bolgam.
blomaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a boaster, a vain person.
bochtán, g. -áin, pl. id., m., a poor person, a pauper; a miser; a miserable-looking person.
bodhaire, g. id., f., deafness; mental confusion; a troublesome person; b. Uí Laoghaire ort, is a common imprecation in M., origin uncertain.
bodhrán (bodharán), -áin, pl. id., m., a deaf person; a person of indifferent hearing; one who speaks with an indistinct voice; cf., bodhrán gan éisteacht (Don. song). See bodharán.
bogadán, -áin, pl. id., m., a shaking, a quivering; an unsteady object; a soft, tender person.
bogán, -áin, pl. id., m., an egg laid without the shell; a delicate or effeminate person; a quagmire (Der.). See bogánach.
bolgaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a blower, a puffer, a bloater, a low-sized, corpulent person.
bórach, -aigh, m., a person with crooked or ill-shaped feet.
bórachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a person with crooked feet.
breasaire, g. id. pl. -ridhe, m., a babbler, a flatterer, a lively person.
breillín, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a worthless, insignificant person; a coxcomb, a trickster.
brille, the clitoris; an awkward person.
briollán (breallán), -áin, pl. id., m., a senseless or stupid person. briollán sáile, a kind of shell-fish (Berehaven).
brocachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a clumsy, sodden person.
brocais, -e, -idhe, f., a den, a haunt of bad persons, as robbers, etc., a dirty place, thing, or person.
brocóg, -óige, -óga, f., an uncleanly person.
broghais, -e, -eanna, f., a cow's after-birth; any dirty, soft thing; a soiled or torn garment; an untidy person (from brogh, filth, dirt, rottenness).
broinnseach, -sigh, pl. id., m., a stout-stomached, low-sized person; broinnseachán, id.
bromaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a stout person, a bumptious person.
bronnaim, -adh, v. tr., I give, bestow, grant (with ar, gov. dat. of person; but do is used in poetry as well as in sp. l., Con.).
brothallach, -aighe, a., hot, warm, sultry; comfortable, luxurious; in easy circumstances; as subs. a hot-tempered person (Con.).
bruachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a miser, a mean sordid person.
brudhachán, -áin, pl. id., m., an insignificant person, a miser. See bruachán.
brúntóg, -óige, -óga, f., an untidy person.
bruthóg, -óige, -óga, a brutish person, a glutton, a clown (Don.).
buaiceas, -cis, g. id., m., the wick of a candle, a slender candle, a taper; a name for a thin awkward person (M.).
buitseachán, -áin, pl. id., m., an assuming, arrogant person.
bundún, -úin, pl. id., m., the fundament, esp. in a state of prolapse; a silly person, a coxcomb, a blunderer (often pron. búndún).
cadar, -air, pl. id., a hermaphrodite, an effeminate person.
caibéaluidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., the person who plants potatoes
caimeachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a hunch-backed person.
caistín, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a crafty little fellow; a little girl of prematurely old appearance and manner; a vicious person; a potato shrivelled from frost or heat; the stone-chat or "chatterstone," a speckled little bird believed to spend the greater part of the year in a state of torpidity.
camarán, -áin, pl. id., m., a crooked stick; a deformed person; an idiot.
camhaoir, -e, f., daybreak, dawn, twilight; camhaoir an lae, the dawn of day (M.); camhaoir duine, a person of poor, ungainly appearance (B.).
camhcaid, -e, -idhe, f., a crooked, lean or worthless person or thing; camhcaid rámhainne, a worthless, slight spade; camhcaidín beag, a despicable person.
canntlóir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., a sorrowful, morose person; a crank.
caobach, -aigh, pl. id., m., an ungainly, dull-witted person.
caob, -a, m., a clod, a lump, a shovelful of clay, etc.; a layer; the portion of hay, etc., taken at a time by a fork; an untidy person. See scaob.
caochánach, -aigh pl. id., m., an awkward, listless person.
caochán, -áin, pl. id., m., a blind person, beast or bird; a mole or dormouse.
caochóg, -óige, -óga, f., a nut without a kernel; a fuzzball; blind man's buff; a blindfolded person; c. ar cóisire, a stupid person at a feast who does not know what to do.
caomhán, -áin, pl. id., m., a mild, gentle person.
caradamhail, -mhla, a., friendly, befriended; widely connected; duine c., a person having an extensive family connection.
carbadán, -áin, pl. id., m., a toothless person.
carrachán, -áin, pl. id., m., the rock fish called "cobbler," more usually gréasaidhe; also the herb wild liquorice root; a scabby wretch; a person with an uneven gait.
catachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a curlyheaded person; a sheep with curly wool.
ceachaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a poor, stingy person.
ceartachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a ragged person.
ciachánuidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a person suffering from chronic hoarseness; one who speaks in a hoarse, indistinct voice.
ciapáluidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a quarrelsome person.
cibleachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a bowlegged person, a nine-pin.
cíocaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a stingy person; a miser, a niggard; a crank.
ciomach, -aigh, -acha, m., a lout, a clout; a slattern, an untidy person; in pl., tattered old clothes; ciomachán, id.
cionntach, -aigh, pl. id., m., a wicked person.
cíormhaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a fuller, a person who knaps cloth; a comb-maker, a comber.
ciorrbhach, -aigh, pl. id., m., a maimed or disabled person.
ciotachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a left-handed person.
ciothramach, -maigh, pl. id., m., an abject person.
ciotóg, -óige, -óga, f., the left hand; a left-handed person.
ciuránach, -aigh, pl. id., m., a dizzard, an aimless, erratic person.
clabhstar, -air, m., a cloister; an awkward person.
clabóg, -óige, -óga, f., a blubber-lipped, open-mouthed person.
claimhreach, -righ, -righe, m., a scorbutic person, a leper (O'N.).
clamhaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a lazar, a leper; a scratcher (applied contemptuously to a child crying, M.); a wretch; a diminutive person, as c. beag millte (somet. used for cneamhaire).
claoidhteoir, -ora, -oiridhe, m., an oppressor; a conqueror (also, a weak, delicate person).
claonaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., an unjust or biassed person.
cleiteachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a quillet; met., a thin or lazy person.
cleithire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a sturdy person; a large, strong animal; anything strong and vigorous; cleitire scadáin, a large herring; cleithire capaill, a strong horse; cleithire bacaigh, a strong, stout beggar; cleithire maide, a strong, stout stick. See cleathaire.
cliathramhán, -áin, pl. id., m., a person or thing merely hanging together (Don.).
cliobóg, -óige, -óga, f., a colt, a filly; a coltish trick or gambol; a person with long untidy hair. See gliobóg.
clíodhna, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a person wasted from sickness (M.); a famous M. fairy.
clipéad, -éid, -éadaidhe, m., the little cloth or leathern covering used to protect a weak or injured eye; a person (usually of females) whoso hair is always unkempt, and hanging carelessly over the eyes.
cliteán, -áin, pl. id., m., a thin or narrow-chested person.
clogarán, -áin, pl. id., m., a little bell: c. cléireach, the little bell rung by the acolyte (clerk) at Mass, etc.; an empty, noisy person (Meath).
cluasaire, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a person with remarkable hearing.
cluasán, -áin, pl. id., m., a pillow; a bothered or stupid person (Clare).
clúnfairt, -e, -idhe, m., an emaciated person or animal; one prematurely born (W. Ker.).
cnagadáinín, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a hardy, wiry little person.
cnaiste, g. id., pl. -tidhe, m., the outside stretcher of a bed; a lazy person.
cnápach, -aigh -aighe, m., an ugly or ungainly person; c. smulcaire (O'Ra.), cf. gearra-ch. (McD.).
cnugaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a person with a round prominent forehead.
coigealach, -aigh, m., the quantity of flax, hemp, etc., on a distaff; fig., an awkward, untidy person, with unkempt hair.
coirlimín, g. id. pl. -idhe, m., a mean or insignificant person.
cois-leathanach, -aighe, a., broad-footed; as subs., a broad-footed person.
comhair, -e, f., presence; ós do ch. amach, in your very presence; ós bhar gc., over against you; im' ch., for me; fá ch. dhuine, for a person, awaiting a person; i gc. an lae, (to be used) during the day; do (a) chomhair an tighe, near the house (Don.), but ós coinne an tighe, opposite or over against the house (Don.); d'itheadar i gc. é, they ate it in company.
cómhaois, -e, f., the same age; a person of the same age (in M., cómh-n-aois, also cómh-naos); mo ch., one of my own age; somet. applied to a person's passions, as tá do chómhaois ag imirt ort, your passions are too strong for you; somet. cómhaos.
conablach, -aigh, -acha, m., a carcass, a corpse; carrion; a trashy person.
connartach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a churl, a rough person; a large-limbed, greedy person; c. mná, a fierce, strong woman (also applied to a cow, etc.).
crádhtaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a worn-out person; a useless animal (W. Ker.).
crágaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., an awkward person who paws and besmears everything; a mauler.
craosánach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a glutton, a riotous person, a debauchee.
creachail, -e, -idhe, f., a crooked, gnarled piece of wood; fig., a person of a cross, unmanageable disposition; creachaile, also in latter sense.
creadal, -ail, pl. id., m., a cute undersized person (Clare).
creathán, -áin, pl. id., m., a small potato; fig., a small object, as a small egg, etc.; a small person (also criochán). See creathaide.
créatúir, -túra, pl. -túire and -túiridhe, m., a creature; a person to be pitied; créatúr (Don.).
creidtheoir, -ora, -oiridhe m., a believer, a credulous person.
crúbach, -aigh, -aighe, m., an animal having paws or claws; an awkward man, a clown; a grasping, avaricious person.
crúbán, -áin, pl. id., m., a crab-fish; a crooked person or beast.
crúnca, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a bent or decrepid person; one in a crouching posture; c. seanduine, a bent old man.
crústa, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a crust; a clod, a missile; a close-fisted person; tá sé 'na ch. aige, he has killed him, turned him into a clod.
cudamán, -áin, pl. id., m., a lout (of a person).
cuigealach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a distaff, etc.; the flax or wool prepared for the cuigeal; a thin, tall person. See cuigeal.
cúilfhionn, -inne, pl. id., f., a fairhaired, handsome person; most generally a fair lady; as a., fair-haired, handsome.
cuimsightheoir, -ora, -oiridhe, m., a person of unerring aim, a good shot; an adapter, a measurer.
cuirptheach, -thighe, a., corrupt, vicious, wicked; as subs., a wicked person.
cumhachtach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a mighty person.
cumhachtóir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., a commissioner; a person entrusted with credentials and authority.
cunablach, -aigh, pl. id., m., a carcass, carrion; a lazy corpulent person; a skeleton.
cúnsachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a miser, a close-fisted person (W. Ker.).
dailc, m., a strong low-sized stout person dim. dailcín, id.
dallamlóg, -oige, -óga, f., stupid folly; a foolish, insipid person (dallamlán, id.).
dallán, -áin, pl. id., m., a blind or stupid person.
dallarán, -áin, pl. id., m., a purblind person.
damhna, g. id., m., the stuff or matter from which anything is produced, or producible; cause, reason, motive; cf. ríoghdhamhna, a person fit to be a king, an heir apparent; damhna tuirse, a cause of sorrow (Fer.).
danar, -air, pl. id., m., a Dane, a foreigner; a savage or cruel person.
daoi, g. id., pl. -the, m., a fool, a dullard, a dunce, a clown; a wicked person.
daor, -oir, pl. id., m., a bondman; a guilty or condemned person.
deagh-dhuine, g. id., pl. -dhaoine, m., a good man, an exemplary person; a patron.
dealbhach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a poor person (T. G.).
deighthreach, -righ, -righe, m., a person of good family.
deireoil, g. id., pl. -e, m., a needy person. See dearóil,.
diabhal, -ail, pl. id., m., a devil, an evil or wicked person; mischief, misfortune; used much in the same metaph. way as devil in English; éirigh 'san nd., to the devil; gurb é an d. do bhéarfaidh leis tú, devil take you; nach é an d. é, is he not wonderful, awful, etc.
diabhalóir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., a devilish person; a wretched, unfortunate person (pron. diabalóir).
díbearthach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a banished person, an outcast, an exile.
dionnach, -aighe, f., the hair that grows on a person's body; moss at the bottom of wells.
díosc, -ísce, -a, f., a barren person or animal; barrenness, dryness (as of a fountain, etc.); tá an bhó ag dul i ndísc, the cow is running dry, losing her milk; chuaidh an tobar i ndísc, the well ran dry.
díthreabhach, -aigh pl. id., m., a hermit, a pilgrim; a miserable person.
do-dhuine, g. id., pl. -dhaoine, m., an evil person.
donán, -áin, pl. id., m., an enfeebled person; a mannikin (also dunán; P. O'C. says it is dim. of duine, but this is unlikely).
dreannaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a wrangler, a contentious person.
dreolán, -áin, pl. id., m., a wren; a silly person.
driachaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., an obstinate person, a plodding, inflexible person.
droch-dhuine, g. id., pl. -dhaoine, m., a bad man; a miserly ungenerous person; a trickster as opposed to duine macánta.
droich-earradh, -aidh, pl. -aidhe, -adha, m., bad wares, stuff, etc.; fig. a person of bad character.
drubadh, -aidh, -aidhe, m., a name for a large, awkward cow, person, etc.
dual bacach, m., a lame person. (?)
dubhradán, -áin, pl. id., m., a black mote or atom; a small particle such as gets into the eye; an insignificant person.
dúradán, -áin, pl. id., m., a stubborn, obstinate person.
éadaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m. a jealous person.
éadtromán, -áin, pl. id., m., the bladder; a football; a frivolous reason; alight, miserable, goodfor- nothing person.
eagnach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a wise person, a sage.
ealadhantóir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., a learned person, an ingenioms person, one skilled in learning, a scientist.
easlán, -áine, a., sick, unhealthy; as subs., a sick or infirm person.
éigcialluidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a foolish person; one who has not much sense.
éin-ionad, -aid, m., one place, the same place, éinne (aoinne(ach)), anyone, any person; perhaps from éanduine.
eolach, g. eolaigh, pl. id., dpl. somet. eolchaibh, m., a learned man, an educated person; a guide.
fairceallach, -aigh -aighe, m., a stump, a lump; somet. applied to a stout, burly person; fairceallach talmhaighe.
fallsóir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., a sluggish, lazy person; níorbh'fh. mé, I went on with all my strength (Mayo).
fallsúnach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a treacherous person (O'N.).
fealltach, -aigh -aighe, m., a murderer, a treacherous person.
fhoghnamh, a useless, idle person; tá sé gan bheith ar f., he is ill; tá sé ar f., it is obtainable or ready for use (Don.).
fídire, g. id., pl. -dridhe, m., a jester, a merry person, a trifler.
fíréan, -éin, pl. id., m., a righteous person, a just man; na fíréin, the elect.
fo-dhuine, g. id., pl. -dhaoine, m., a common man, servant, inferior person; an odd person; a person here and there. See fo.
foirbeach, -bigh, -bighe, m., an elder, an elderly person.
foir-éigeantóir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., a violent or cruel person; an obstructor.
folaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a mean person; a person of small stature (M.).
foraighis, -e, -eacha, f., a forest; a wild beast's lair (also a gluttonous person or beast).
fostudhach, -aigh, pl. id., m., one who is hired; a strong, lazy person (in M. sp. l., fastudhach, which is very common in an uncomplimentary sense).
fuadaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a rambler; a restless person.
fuairthéidh, -e, m., a negligent, indifferent person; one who is usually behind time (M.); neglect or waste; fuairthéidh maoine, decay or waste of wealth (P. O'C.).
fústaire, g. id., -ridhe, m., a fussy person.
gadarach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a tough withe; fig., a slow, tedious, inactive person; chómh righin le g., as tough as a withe.
gáibhtheach, -thighe, a., querulous, complaining, distressed; eager, fierce, pitiful (as the shouts of one in distress); dangerous; duine g., a person constantly complaining (also costly, as éadach gáibhtheach, costly clothes, P. O'Cl.).
gáibhtheach, -thigh, pl. id., m., a person in want.
gaige, g. id., pl. -gidhe, m., a fop, a vain person (dim. gaigín).
gaimse, g. id., pl. -sidhe, m., an awkward person (Con.).
gáirim, -ridhe, v. intr., I laugh; call, shout, cry aloud; gáirim fá dhuine, I laugh at a person.
galrach, -raighe, a., diseased, infected, sickly, infirm, unsound; as subs., a sickly, infirm person; a little boy, an old child.
gam, -a, -aidhe, m., a soft, foolish person. See gamal.
gamal, -ail, pl. id., m., a silly person, a fool; a stoic. (gamal does not mean a camel, though cámal or cámhal does. P. O'C.) See aniat.
gamarall, -aill, m., a stupid person (N. Con.); also gamairle.
garbhánach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a coarse, tall person.
geanncán, -áin, pl. id., m., a snub-nosed person.
geanncóg, -óige, -óga, f., a snub-nosed person.
geibléid, -e, -idhe, f., a sloven, an untidy person.
géim, -e, -eanna, f., a roar, a cry, a lowing of cows; life, vigour (?); duine gan géim, a lifeless person; somet. used for English word "game."
geoiste, g. id., pl. -tidhe, m., a lazy person.
geosadán, -áin, pl. id., m., a small stalk; a shaft or arrow, fig., a slender person. See géasadán.
giallachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a long-visaged person (O'N.).
gilligín, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a giddy little person (often gligín).
giobalach, -aighe, a., torn, tattered (of a garment, etc.); dressed in tattered clothes (of a person); hairy, woolly, unkempt, untidy.
gioblachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a ragged, unkempt person; a beggar.
giolcaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a flippant fellow, a cad, a wavering person; one who gathers reeds.
giústa, m., a stout, lazy person.
gleidire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a long, thin person (often applied to fishes, M., also to sharpedged instruments, as gleidire speile, gleidire sceine, meaning a formidable-looking scythe, knife, etc.).
glib, -e, -eanna, f., a lock of hair; long hair; unkempt locks of hair hanging over the eyes; a person having dishevelled hair (also gliob).
glibín, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., long hair; a fold or loose tress of hair; a shred of cloth, etc.; an untidy person.
glincín, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a silly person.
gliobóg, -óige, -óga, f., a person with loose, long, untidy hair; a filly.
gliomach, -aigh, pl. id., m., a lobster; a person with long limbs; gliomóg, f., id.; g. spáineach, a crawfish.
gliúdóg, -óige, -óga, f., a thick-witted young person (Don.).
gnásachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a hare-lipped person (O'N., etc.).
gnúsachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a sour-faced, ring-nosed person (O'N.).
gobachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a person with a penurious, forbidding expression of face; a little bird frequenting sea-strands. See gobadán.
gogaide, g. id., pl. -didhe, f., a coquette; a giddy, foolish person; a midwife (also gogaire, Mayo).
gogaille, g. id., pl. -lidhe, m., a stoic (O'N.); a dotard, a fool, a silly person. See gó.
goigín, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a silly person, a coxcomb; a small turf heap set to dry (Con.).
gortán, -áin, pl. id., m., a stingy person; a stunted or starved person.
graifleach, -ligh, -lighe, m., an untidy overgrown person.
gróintín g. id., pl. -idhe, m., an important person; a very pretentious person (O'N.).
gruamachán, -áin pl. id., m., a sour-looking gloomy person.
guag, -aige, -a, f., folly; a silly, vain, light-headed person.
guagaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a stoic; an imprudent person; one who hangs around tap-room doors, dining rooms, etc.
guaireachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a hairy, bristly person or object; a vain, silly person.
gúngaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a narrow-loined, awkward person.
hé, interj. halo! used with a loud voice in calling a person at a distance: hé! a Shéamais, halo! James; often used also in speaking English.
iarlais, -e, -idhe, f., an entailment, an encumbrance, a burthen; fig., a person who is useless, and only an encumbrance, as iarlais mná, a wife who is merely an encumbrance; mé 'cheangal le hiarlais, to wed me to a woman who is an encumbrance; earnest money. See iarlas.
iarmhar, -air, pl. id., m., a remnant, a remainder; posterity; a person or animal of wretched appearance; an elf, left in place of a child by the fairies.
ifreannach, -aigh, pl. id., m., a demon, a wicked person.
iméadaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a jealous person.
imreasuidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a disputant, a contending person.
ioldánach, -aighe, a., skilled in various trades or arts; ingenious; polytechnic; as subs., a person skilled in various trades or arts, a Jack-of-all-trades.
íomháigh, -e, pl. id., f., an image, a statue, an idol; fig., a weak, inactive, helpless person.
iomthnúthóir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., a jealous lover, an envious person.
íotach, -aigh, m., a very thirsty person,
laetheamhail, -mhla, a., daily: duine l., an open-mannered person (Don.).
lag-chroidheach, -dhighe, a., faint-hearted; as s. m., g. -dhigh, pl. id., a feeble-minded person.
lághach, -áighthe or -áighe, a., pleasant, courteous, obliging; neat, decent, tidy, orderly, friendly; duine lághach, a nice, pleasant, obliging person.
laincis, -e, -idhe, f., a spancel, a rope for tying a beast by the feet; cf. nár chaithidh an mhuc an laincis, said of a highly-dressed, ignorant person.
lapadán (lapán), -áin, pl. id., m., a kind of sea-fish; also a bird called "diver"; a small, inactive person (Don.); a clumsy person.
léabaide, g. id., pl. -didhe, m., a silly, worthless person.
leadhb, -a, pl. id., and -acha, -racha, -thracha, m., a rag, a shred, a stripe, a streak, a shaving; a scraw (of earth), a clod; an untidy, useless person, esp. a woman; leadhba bróg, worthless shoes; ag cartadh leadhbach, tanning hides (Don.); the hide of a beast. Pron. léadhb (Don.).
leadránuidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a slow, tedious person, a loiterer (in M. sp. l., liodránuidhe).
learglaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a sluggard, a lazy person.
leastar, -air, m., a cask, a vessel; a small boat; a beehive; a cask of inferior butter (Ker.); fig., a useless animal, a helpless person; leastar an aonaigh, the cup from which everybody drank at the fair (M.).
leath-amadán, m., a silly person, a "half fool."
léice, g. id., pl. -cidhe, m., a clown, an awkward person (Louth).
leidhbín, g. id., pl. -nidhe, m., a little clod, a scraw; an awkward person; leidhbín deamhain, a kind of small fish, water-fish.
leifteanach, -aigh, -aighe, m., flat-soled person (Don.).
leisceán, -áin, pl. id., m., a lay-person.
leith-eolach, -aigh -aighe, m., a smatterer; a half-learned person; a novice.
liaghairne, g. id., pl. -nidhe, m., a lazy slothful person (Ker.).
líbíneach, m., an untidy person, one dripping wet (Don.).
liobar, -air, pl. id., m., anything hanging loosely or untidily; a hanging lip; an untidy person.
liobasta, indec. a., slovenly, untidy, awkward; stout, unwieldy: duine liobasta, an unwieldy person (Don.).
liobrachán, -áin, m., a slovenly person.
liopa, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a sluggish, unwieldy thick-lipped person.
liorán, -áin, pl. id., m., a mature-looking person of small stature; cf. níl leanbh ná liorán aca.
liostachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a slothful person, an idler.
liostathach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a lazy i person.
liúduidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe m., a sluggard, a lazy person; a leering, scheming fellow (also liúdaidhe).
lobhar -air, pl. id., m., a leper; a sick person, a weakling.
loimíneach, -nigh, pl. id., m., a rustic, a rude, shabby person. (P. O'C. gives "a little fellow that works in loam or puddle.")
lóiste, g. id., pl. -tidhe, m., a sluggard, a lazy person; also lúiste.
lomairceach, -cigh, pl. id., m., a thin bare beast; a bare or ill-clad person.
lománach, -aigh, pl. id., m., a bald man; a poor, bare person.
lomarthachán, -áin, pl. id., m., an ill-clad person.
lópuis, g. id., pl. -aidhe, m., an untidy, bedraggled person.
lorgánach, -aigh, pl. id., m., a sluggard, a lazy person, a suppliant; geimheal lorgánaigh geimhreadh gortach, a hungry winter is the sluggard's fetter.
lósta, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a panel or pillion; a lazy person. See loist and lóiste.
luaireagán, -áin, pl. id., m., a grovelling person.
luanaisceach, -cigh, -cighe, m., a captive, a person in fetters (O'N.).
ludar, -air, pl. id., m., a slovenly person.
lúd, g. lúid, pl. id., m., a lazy person.
luimpré, g. id., f., a piece of bare pasture; a thin, fleshless person (also luimpire).
lúircíneach, -nigh, pl. id., m., a small inactive person.
mac soipín, m., a miserable person (N. Con.).
maighre, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a salmon; fig., a fine healthy person; often a proud woman (common in maighre mná); m. léan, salmon-trout; m. cailín, a fine, handsome girl (Om.); m. buachalla, a handsome, strong lad (Om.).
mainidh, m., a mad or foolish person (O'N.).
málaid, -e, -idhe, f., a bag, a saddle; a foolish person (Don.).
malluightheoir, -ora, -oiridhe, m., a curser, a maligner; a peevish person.
manntachán, -áin, pl. id., m., one having gapped tooth-rows; a stammerer, a lisping person.
manntaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a stammerer, a lisping person; one who has lost teeth.
maol, g. maoil, m., a votary, a devotee, a servant, a person dedicated; used in names, as Maol Muire, etc.
maoth-mhuathach, -aigh pl. id., m., a nice person, a spruce body (O'N.).
marbhán, -áin, pl. id., m., a corpse, a dead body; a spiritless person, a sluggard.
marbh-chat, m., a dead and alive person.
marbh, g. mairbh, pl. mairbh, m., a dead person; the dead.
meabhlachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a crafty, deceitful little person (O'N.).
mealbhóg, -óige, -óga, f., a bag, a budget; an insignificant person.
mear-aithne, g. id., f., slight acquaintance or knowledge; a smattering; an uncertain knowledge (of a person).
meas-mhadra, m., a lap-dog; fig., an impudent or ill-mannered person; meas-mhaidrín, id.
meathanach, -aigh -aighe, m., a declining child; a faint-hearted person; a coward, a dastard, a sluggard.
meathtach, -aighe, a., perishable, decaying, soft, cowardly; as subs., a degenerate person, a coward, a dastard.
mianach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a vein of a mine; a mine; a mineral ore; stuff, character (of persons); material of anything; droich-mhianach, bad stuff, badness of character, a vicious person.
míchialluidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a senseless person, a simpleton.
mille, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a botch, a bungler; mille maide, a botch, a good-for-nothing tradesman; an insignificant person.
mío-chráibhtheach, m., an ungodly person; as a., godless, uncharitable.
mionduine, m., a young person; pl. -daoine, young or small people, often applied to women and children, as opposed to warriors.
mollaid, -e, f., trouble, harm; duine gan mhairg gan mhollaid, a quiet, inoffensive person (Don.); Sc. mulaid, grief.
muicíneach, -nigh, pl. id., m., a vulgar person; a plebeian.
muirleog, -oige, -oga, f., a stout little person.
muirneach, -nigh, -nighe, m., a lovable person.
mullachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a peak, a hill; a large-headed person.
mursaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m. consequential person, one who domineers, a tyrant.
muscaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a gross, fat person.
-na (and -ne), an emphatic particle used after 1st person pl., as ar bhfear-na, our man.
neimh-chionntach, m., an innocent person.
ócáid, -e, -eacha, f., a foolish or awkward person (Ker.).
ocrach, -aigh -aighe, m., a hungry person.
ocrasán, -áin, pl. id., m., a hungry person, a glutton.
ocróir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., an usurer, a lender; a miser, a mean-spirited person (also ocaróir).
ógán, -áin, pl. id., m., a young person; the fourth age, the seven ages being: naoidhe, leanbh, macaomh, ógán, fear, seanóir, áthlaoch.
óinsín, g. id., pl. -nidhe, m., a foolish, silly person, esp. a woman (dim. of óinseach).
oll-chlabaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., blubber-lipped person (P. O'C.).
ól-thoghairm, f., challenging to drink, drinking to a person, pledging, giving a toast.
otair, comp. -tra, a., dirty, filthy, foul; also clumsy, vulgar (of a person); otraidhe, id.
othar, -air, pl. id., m., a sick person, an invalid; a delicate person though not actually sick; also a wounded person.
othrasach, -aighe, a., sick, diseased; as subs. a sick person.
páideog, -oige, -oga, f., a light or torch, made of a soft string of tow dipped in tallow; fig., an untidy house-keeper, a person untidy at meals.
pataire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a soft young creature of any kind, a plump child, a well-set but small person, a hare or other small animal in good condition; p. leinbh, a soft young child; pataire girrfhiaidh, a plump hare (W. M.); a partridge (Con.); also paitire.
pearsa, -an, -ana, f., a person, a soul; an individual; a body; person of a verb.
pearsachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a contemptible person (O'N.).
péasúr, -úir, pl. id., m., an aggressive, quarrelsome person; péasúirín, id. (N. Con.).
peiliúr, -úir, pl. id., m., a pillow; a person with long, unkempt hair (Con.).
peithnidheach, -dhigh, pl. id., m., a big, stout, lazy person or beast; anything stout and heavy.
piteog, -oige, -oga, f., an effeminate person; piteán and piteachán, id.
placaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a gobbler, a greedy person.
pleibiste, g. id., pl. -tidhe, m., a soft quiet child; a guileless person. plubaiste and plubaistín, id. (Don. and Con.).
plobaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., one who talks much and loudly; a person having very fleshy cheeks.
preabánach, -aighe, a., full of patches; as subs., a ragged person.
preasadóir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., the person who thickens frieze (C. S., Vol. II., p. 354; Mayo).
probaid, -e, -idhe, m., a reprobate, a wicked person.
prósaidh, g. id., m., a stout, fat person (Don.).
púca, g. id., pl. -aidhe, m., a "pooka," a fairy, a sprite, a hobgoblin; fig., a surly, glum person.
purraire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a lank-loined, slender person.
putrachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a stout, clumsy person (Don.).
rábaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a strong, vigorous, athletic person; r. fir, a very active, vigorous man.
racaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a repeater, a tattler; a romancer; a loquacious person, a storyteller.
ragadh, -aidh, -aidhe, m., a churl, a clown; an inhospitable person; a listless, weak animal; Nóra/Sighle 'n ragaidh, the crane, the stork; tá'n ragadh ort, you are a mischievous imp; d'imthigh an ragadh air, he went to the bad (M.).
ráil, g. rálach, f., an oak tree; a huge person.
raille, g. id., pl. -lidhe, m., a vagabond, a wretch, a rake, a dissipated person, a trickster.
raispín, g. id., pl. -nidhe, m., a miser, a mean person; raispín áir, a miserable wretch.
ramadh, m., an awkward person or beast; cf. ramadh fir, r. mná, r. bó, r. caorach.
ramaid, -e, -didhe, f., a name applied to a lean meagre animal, as an ass; a miserable person (Ker.) also raimid.
ránaidhe, g. id., m., a thin, lank person or animal; as a., thin, lank (Con. and U.).
rangalach, m., a very thin person (Con.).
raoiste, g. id., pl. -tidhe, m., a lazy person, an idler (Con.).
raspa, g. id., m., a file, a rasp (A.); a bony old cow, etc.; a thin, wasted person. See raispín.
reangach (sreangach), -aighe, a., wrinkled, welted, cord-like; sinewy, nervous; as subs., a strong, sinewy person.
réidhteach, -tigh, pl. id., m., a wild or torn person; an old torn or dismantled article of furniture, etc. (Ker.).
reilgíneach, -nighe, a., club-footed; as subs., a club-footed person; cf. cam reilge, and see reilig.
riachtanach, -naigh, -naighe, m., a needy person; one in a difficulty,
ropaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a treacherous, violent person; a robber, a thief; ropaire gaid, a villain deserving of the gallows (gad, a withe); a virago.
rothaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a wild person, one fleet of foot; a child is often called a "rothaire beag" (also ruathaire).
ruais, -e, -eacha, f., fickleness, giddiness, inconstancy; a giddy person; a clown, a stupid fellow.
rúcach, -aigh, pl. id., m., a rook, a crow; a close-fisted person; a clown, a rustic (M.).
rúnuidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a confidante, any person that knows a secret.
sailithis, -e, m. and f., a dirty, unkempt person.
samachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a soft, quiet, credulous person.
samhairle, g. id., pl. -lidhe, m., a cub, a whelp, a pup; a young babe; a churl, a boor; a fat person, a fleshy animal.
scaimíneach, -nigh, -nighe, m., a shabby person (Con.); the sand of a lake or river.
scaipire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a squanderer, a scatterer, a dispenser, an extravagant person.
scaoinse, g. id., m., a rabble; a low or despised person: im' s. ar leath-taoibh sráide ("Spailpín Fánach"); a youth, a stripling; an scaoinse clamh, the mangy lot (McD.).
scáthaim, -adh, v. tr., I shade, screen; I dread or shun; I screen (a person from justice).
sceanfartach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a waster, a spoiler; wild, reckless person; a wasted, miserable looking person.
sceathrach, -aighe, -acha, f., a spew, a vomit; act of spewing, vomiting; a trashy person; sceathradh, id.
sciolltaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a very lean person (Aran).
scleoid, -e, f., a silly person, a sloven, a slattern; slovenliness, filth.
scodalach, -aigh, -aighe, m., thin porridge; fig. a tall gaunt person: duine gan iomarca "teacht aniar" ann (Clare).
scoduidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a good-for-nothing person, one who follows his own will.
sconnaire. g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a reckless fellow; a trifler, a prater, a whiffler, a dunce; also, a tall slender young person who has grown to a height much above his age; a rash hasty per son; cf. a sconnaire an tsuilt, thou merry fellow (Condon).
scraiste, g. id., pl. -tidhe, m., a sluggard, an indolent person; s. na díge (Mon. song).
scramaide, g. id., pl. -didhe, m., an ungainly, dull person (Con.).
scramuidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a tall awkward person (Mayo).
scrata, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a lazy person; scrata gan bhrígh, a listless, inactive person (Mayo); also a ragged, worthless person.
scrathánach, -aigh, pl. id., m., a lazy person.
screachaile, g. id., pl. -lidhe, m., an untidy or bumptious person.
scríoblún leangaire, m., a thin, emaciated person.
scruigín, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a neck, neck of a bottle, a name for the neck; a short-necked person; a slight, weak, delicate person.
scruit, -uta, -tidhe, m., a thin, gaunt, or mangy person.
seabhóideach, -digh, -dighe, m., a straying, wandering, or foolish person.
seacaide, g. id., pl. -didhe, m., any object severely affected by frost; a frost-bitten potato, etc.; a person suffering severely from cold.
seachaidim, -chadadh, v. tr., I hand to (do) a person, deliver, present, bestow.
seacrachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a winter-nosed person; a frostbitten potato (W. Ker.).
seagadh, -aidh, -adha, m., a cormorant; fig., a lean, lank person (Ker.).
seanóir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., a senior, an old person, an old man, an elder; an old druid, a bard.
sean-shoitheach, m., an old vessel, an old barrel; fig., a slovenly person.
seargánach, -aighe, a., dried up, withered; as subs., a shrivelled person or thing, a consumptive person.
seargán, -áin, pl. id., m., a shrivelled or dried fruit, etc.; a person that is dried up or withered (seargánach, id.).
seiceadúir, -úra, -úiridhe, m., a ghost, a phantom, a skeleton-like person.
seifide, g. id., pl. -didhe, m., a spiritless person; also seifid (Con.). seafaide (N. Con.).
séithleach, -ligh, -lighe, m., a weakling; a driveller; an old or lazy person; a term applied to Cupid (E. R.); often applied in W. Ker. to the police because of their laziness.
siabhránach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a raving person (Don.).
síntealach, -aigh -aighe, m., a lanky, tall, lazy person; duine fada, fuar, fallsa (Don.).
síodhbhradh, -aidh, -aidhe, m., a fairy, a weakling; a very delicate person. See siabhradh.
sí, per. pr., f., she, it; emph. sise, sisi; sí seo, this; sí sin, that; sí siúd, yon, yonder (person or thing).
siúscál, -áil, m., wagging (?); in phr., 'ruball siúscáil, used of a plausible, conciliatory person (Con.).
slab, -aib, m., mud, mire; a soft-fleshed person.
sláimín, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a small flat roll of wool, etc.; a little handful; a dirty, untidy person.
slaoduidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a lazy, idle person (Don.).
slightheach, -thighe, a., artful, cunning, sly, fraudulent, wily, designing; wayward; resourceful; as subs., "a fly body," a tricky person (Don.).
slightheadóir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., an artful, cunning, designing person.
sluacht, -a, -aidhe, m., hoarseness; tá sluacht orm, I am hoarse; a hoarse person or beast; the Connemara people are called sluachtaidhe by the Aran Islanders.
sméirle, g. id., pl. -lidhe, m., a clownish person; a wretch.
smíste, g. id., pl. -tidhe. m., a pestle, a mall, a club or bat; a strong person, a smiter.
smugaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a person whose nostrils are given to dropping.
smugairle, g. id., pl. -lidhe, m., spittle, saliva; a person whoso nostrils are given to dropping; smugairlidhe róin, a kind of jelly thrown up on the beach.
smulcachán, -áin, pl. id., m., one with a prominent nose; a surly-looking person.
smulcaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, a person with a big nose; a dogged-looking person.
smúrthannach, -aigh, -aighe, m., a half-dead-and-alive person; a dead-head (Don.).
smutach, -aighe, a., short, curtailed; snouty, flat-nosed; sulky; duine smutach, a sulky person. See smóiteach.
smutachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a flat-nosed person, or one with prominent lips.
snámhuidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a swimmer, a good swimmer; a crawler; a slow person; a thin, lanky, gritloss fellow (Don.).
snáthadán, -áin, pl. id., m., a needle-case; a sand-eel; a kind of fly or insect that flits about lighted candles at night (P. O'C.); a very thin person (Don.).
sobalán, -áin, pl. id., a frothy-mouthed, untidy person.
sodaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a stout man; a clumsy, awkward fellow; a person with an ambling gait; a trotting horse.
sodán, -áin, pl. id., m., a short, thick person.
sodarthóir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., a trotter; a fussy person.
soi-chreidmheach, -mhigh, -mhighe, m., a good believer, a credulous person.
soillseach, -sighe, a., bright, shining, clear, transparent, causing light, luminous, lightsome, effulgent, radiant; as a noun, a bright or beautiful person; somet. a fair female.
soi-mhianadh, m., a good ore or mine of metal; good stuff; good character (of a person).
sóisear, -sir, pl. id., m., a younger person, a junior; opposed to sinnsear; cf. peacadh an tsinnsir, claoine an tsóisir, the sin of the elder, the perversity of the younger (Fer.).
somachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a soft, innocent child or person; a lusty, well-developed fellow.
sopachán, -áin, m., the moss of which little birds' or bees' nests are made; moss or fine litter collected for a lair of any kind; an unkempt person.
spadalach, -aigh, m., any soft and unshapely object, such as soft turf, etc.; a heavy, dull, awkward person.
spadán, -áin, m., lea-land on which potatoes are sown by spreading them on the unprepared surface and covering them over with soil taken from the furrows (Con.); poor, fallow ground; a dull, lazy, sluggish person.
spaidín, g. id., pl. -nidhe, m., a heavy lifeless person or thing.
spideog, -oige, -oga, f., a robin; a little bird; a tiny, delicate person.
splangadán, -áin, pl. id., m., a thin, cold-looking, long-legged person (Don.).
splíonach, -aighe, a., hippish, splenetic; as subs. a hippish person, a poor meagre person or beast.
spreasán, -áin, pl. id. m., a small twig; a wretched, good-for-nothing person; also spriosán.
spreas, -ris, m., a twig or wicker; a useless heap; a useless, unprofitable, or barren person; sínte 'n-a spreas, stretched helplessly or unprofitably; cf. go mbeidh sí 'n-a spreas gan luighe le fear (O'Ra.); im' spreas 's im' spíonlach (McCur.).
spriata, g. id., pl. -aidhe, m., a withered, gnarled log, a stump; often a tree or deal scorched or burned at one end; s. de'n phórc, a lump of pork; a wretch, a lazy person: críon-spriata, a miserable wretch (T. G.); also spreota.
sprionnlóg, -óige, -óga, f., a miser, a stingy person; dim. -óigín.
sprionnlóir, -óra, -óiridhe, m., a miser, a skinflint, a stingy person.
sprionnluightheoir, -ora, -oiridhe, m., a miser, a stingy person.
spriosán, g. -áin, pl. id., m., a small twig; a bramble; also a good-for-nothing person; a fopling.
sramaide, g. id., pl. -didhe, m., a useless person; a tippler (Don.).
srangaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a crane or pulley; an untidy person.
sraoilleán, -áin, pl. id., m., an untidy person or thing.
sraoille, g. id., pl. -lidhe, m., an awkward, clownish person, a dolt.
sreanglomán, -áin, pl. id., m., a person who is constantly ailing out not seriously ill (Don.); sreanglomán and ranglomán are also heard in Don., but they often signify a long, thin, awkward-looking person.
srimile, g. id., pl. -lidhe, m., an awkward person.
sruimile, g. id., pl. -lidhe, m., an awkward, untidy person.
staf, -aif, pl. id., m., a staff (E. R.); a stiff, staff-like person (Ker.).
staga, g. id., pl. -aidhe, m., a "stag;" a potato softened and spoiled by frost, or otherwise rotten and worthless; dim. staigín, applied to a horse or person in a disparaging sense; thuit sé 'n-a staga, he fell into a faint or swoon.
staic, -e, -eanna, f., a stake, a post, a short stick; a stake driven into the ground to which an animal is tied; a strong, thick-set person; stiffness, obstinacy (Louth, Mon.); ex. chuirfeadh staic i n-a muineál d'á shíneadh, who would become stiff-necked when giving it (alms) (old song).
stangaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a loiterer, a lazy, suspicious person (Don.); one hard to deal with; one slow in paying his debts (Con.); stangaire mná, an obstinate woman; rinneadh s. de, he was transfixed (Don.).
stanuidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a bold person; hussy; dá bhfeicfeá an s. 'na seasamh láimh liom. (E. U. song); some understand it as "tinker."
stocaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a trumpeter; a lazy idler, interloper; a "sponger" (Don.); a person purposely left without a partner in a certain dance current in Donegal, hence a name for the dance itself.
stocalach, -aigh, -aighe, m., an upright, a pillar, a standard; s. de dhuine, a person standing like a pillar in the road (Don.); s. cloiche, a standard of a stone (Don.); cf. corpalach (M.), from corp.
stodaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a person with big teeth; a bold peevish person.
storc, g. stuirc, pl. id., m., a large animal, a bullock, a thick-set person, a sturk; the corpse of one who dies in an upright posture (Con.).
stothaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a wild, careless person.
stothairín, g. id., pl. -idhe, m., a little, wretched horse, etc., with long hair; a staigín; somet. applied to a person.
stracaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a snatcher, tearer, griper, extortioner; a strong, vigorous person; one who runs or frisks about.
strachaille, g. id., pl. -lidhe, m., a lazy, ragged, unkempt person.
stráille, g. id., pl. -lidhe, m. or f., a tall, lazy, inactive person (male or female); stráille fir, a tall, lazy, worthless man; stráille mná, a tall, lazy woman; somet. stráille involves the idea of vagrancy, delay, neglect.
straoilleán, -áin, pl. id., m., a loiterer, a slovenly person.
straoille, g. id., pl. -lidhe, m. and f., a girth, a belt or garter; an untidy person.
streachlán, -áin, pl. id., m., a band, a gaiter, swaddling clothes; anything untidy, an untidy person (Don.).
stríleomán, -áin, pl. id., m., a long, lank, nerveless person (Don.).
stróinse, g. id., pl. -sidhe, m., lubber, a good-for-nothing person; s. caillighe, an untidy, useless hag (strúinse in S. Con.).
stuacaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a fool, a dolt, a prying person.
stuadh, -aidh, -adhacha, m., an arch, a rainbow, a volume, a text, a scroll, a sheet, a gable, a wall, a pinnacle, a ridge; a pen; a hero; a fig. expression for a tall, handsome person, esp. a female, whence stuadhaire or stuaire, and stuaidh-bhean.
stuaire (stuadhaire), g. id., pl. -ridhe, f., a tall, handsome person, esp. applied to a female; a common poet. term for a beautiful and stately maiden.
stúruidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a bold, impudent person (Don.).
substainnteach, -tigh;, -tighe, m., a substantial person.
súgha, g. id. and súghaidh, m., soot; súgha sioláin, falling soot; lán de shúgha, full of soot; ruidín súghaidh, a filthy or mean person (gs. súghaidh, pron. súghaig, M.; somet. nom. súth); cáibín súghaidh, a shabby hat (S. W. Cork).
súghmaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a horse leech, a blood-sucker; a serpent, a crawler; fig. a slow, dilatory person; anything that draws or sucks in; a swallow or gulph (also súmaire).
sumóg, -óige, -óga, f., a rag, a clout, a patch; a soft, lazy person.
sutaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a greedy person (Clare, sup.).
tailc, -e, a., strong, stout, stiff; na mbéimeann tailc, of strong blows, an epithet of a person (O'D.).
támhaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a sluggard, a slothful person.
teangaire, g. id., pl. -ridhe, m., a linguist, an orator, a loquacious person.
tiughlais, -e, -idhe, a phlegmatic, thick-headed person (Clare).
tnúthach, -aighe, a., envious, jealous; contentious, quarrelsome; as s., an envious person, a rival, a bigot.
tobar, -air, pl. id. and toibreacha, m., a well, a spring; tobar féile, a well of hospitality (applied to a person).
toghtha, p. a., selected; as subs., a choice or select person; ag toghthaibh gach parráiste, by the choice men of each parish.
toicidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a person of means.
tonnachadh, -chtha, m., act of cleansing, washing; act of preparing a corpse for waking; also somet. preparation of a person for death, such as closing the mouth, etc.
tóruidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a pursued person, a tory, a robber, a highwayman; a persecuted person.
tráigheánach, -naigh, -naighe, m., a lazy person.
tratuidhe, g. id., m., an idle, helpless person (Kilk., Sup.).
triúgh, -úigh, m., a wretched, miserable person.
troduidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a fighter, a quarrelsome person, a disturber.
truaghnairt, m., a wretched person, one deserving of pity; thug duairc mé im' thruaghnairt, which made me sad and wretched (Seaghán na Ráithíneach).
tuatóg, -óige, -óga, f., a rustic, an awkward person.
tuflais, -e, f., trash, corrupt matter, waste, slush; a slovenly person.
túitín, g. id., pl. -nidhe, m., a petulant, sullen person.
tulthartán, -áin, pl. id., m., a big, awkward person (Don.).
uaigneachán, -áin, pl. id., m., a solitary person, a hermit.
uaigneach, -nigh, -nighe, m., a solitary person.
uaillmhianach, -aighe, a., ambitious;, vainglorious, arrogant; as subs. an ambitious person.
umhal, -ail, pl. id., m., an humble or obedient person.
ungthach, -aigh -aighe, m., an anointed person.
urchóideach, -digh, -dighe, m., a wicked or perverse person.
urraid, m., a principal person, a chief (O'R.). See urradh.
útamálach, -laighe a., restless, wandering, roaming about; as s., a restless person, a fumbler.
útamáluidhe, g. id., pl. -dhthe, m., a turner about, a restless person; a fumbler, one who does work in a slovenly, awkward manner: a ransacker, a searcher. (also in progress.)

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