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Hey everyone, thank you for clicking this topic! I'll get right down to it: Next Spring/Summer (sometime in mid-2018) I'm getting an Australian Shepherd puppy, and one of the things I've learned through extensive research is that Aussies are a highly intelligent breed who can become rebellious (and/or develop behavioral issues) if not given strict structure from day one. I'm planning on providing the structure the puppy needs, and being the sole person in charge of the structure, the rules, the praise, and the corrections for my dog so as to avoid as many confusions with the rules as possible. Although the dog's primary and secondary caretakers will be my boyfriend and myself, she will also be with us when I'm around my family the times that I'm around them during the week. The problem is that no one in my family is very "dog-savvy" and I don't want my family to confuse my pup on our already established rules while she's around them. If they were able to, it would just start another fight on how to properly train a dog - which is something I'd like to avoid. So I've chosen to train my dog in another language. I originally had chosen Irish Gaelic because no one in my family had been exposed to it (my mom and my brother both speak fluent Spanish, and my dad knows some German), but I didn't know that Scottish Gaelic existed (ignorant I know, but before I started my research I thought it was only called Gaelic). I'd love some help translating dog commands into Scottish Gaelic!

To sum it up: I'm getting a puppy next year sometime. My family aren't consistent nor informed when it comes to dog training. I'd like to train this dog the best that I can for several dog sports, without causing confusion on expectations and rules for the pup, or a fight with my family on how to train dogs, so I'm going to train my dog in another language so that my family can't correct or command my dog's behavior. I originally chose Irish Gaelic to teach my dog in, but my family is Scottish on my dad's side so I've changed my mind. Please help me translate the list of dog commands I'd like to teach?

If at all possible, I'd also love a list of basic prepositions and other key words I'll be using in my training! Left (side), right (side), switch (sides), back up, move forward, side-step, front, back, spin, and reverse!

"Sit Down"
"Lay Down"
"Leave It"
"Load Up"
"Drop It"
"Stop" *stop walking in motion, not "stop what you're doing"*
"Walk Ahead" *like while walking on a leash next to me, this means walk ahead of me*
"Off/Get Off"
"That's All / Done"
"Attention/Look At Me" *would say this instead of the dog's name when training*
"Come / Come Here" *I need another translation for this command - something formal for emergency situations.*
"Calm Down"
"Give It"
"Take It"
"Place / Spot" a command to tell the dog to go to a certain spot when I say
"Go Away / Get Out / Go On" for the dog to leave the immediate room
"Walk On Hind Legs / Hind Legs" to get the dog to stand up on its hind legs (forward, backward, left, right, and spin)
"Pick Up / Put Away Toys" a command to get the dog to clean up its toys and put them in a basket
"Weave" through my legs (stationary, walking, reverse stationary, reverse walking)
"Open Mouth / Say "AH" to get the dog to open its mouth
"Chin" rest the dogs head on something
"Bow" dog bends forward and lays on its front arms
"Crawl" forwards, backwards
"Round" the dog goes around an object; right, left
"Over" dog walks over something
"Through" dog goes through something like a tunnel
"Play Dead"
"Bang" like the sound of a gun "BANG!"
"Shake" dog gives a paw - left and right
"High Five" left and right paws
"Wave" left and right paws
"Up Top" dog gives a double high-five, both at the same time
"Target" nose, front paws, and back paws
"Nose" dog touches its nose to my hand or another object

I realize that this list is exhaustive and a lot to ask. I would appreciate any and all feedback I could get, but I'm not in a rush! Thank you so much for looking!

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This thread has suddenly gotten very popular, so I'm editing it to reiterate that these commands are in Scottish Gaelic, just so that no one is misled. Here's a a link to the set of dog commands in Irish Gaelic on this site, for those who were actually looking for that: I'm also editing the subject heading to make the thread easier to search for.

These commands were collected from a number of online lists in various places, which I've corrected as needed and supplemented by ones which I found in my dictionaries, since no comprehensive online lists were found.

I've placed the word "Bi" in brackets wherever it occurs as the first word in a command, because it can and probably should be left out. I've read that dogs focus heavily on the first syllable, and that commands should be as short as possible, so having several commands which all start with "Bi' would presumably be confusing (when talking to a dog, being 100% grammatical is not exactly critical).

For my own future use, I created an alphabetical list with the same commands I had for my Irish list of dog commands (more or less), so it may not contain everything you wanted. If you point out any commands which are missing from what you wanted, I can try to add them.

Gaelic Dog Commands - Briathrachan chù ann an Gàidhlig

Attack / Attack [him/her] - Gabh chuige / Gabh [air/oirre]
Attention - Aire
Away - Air falbh / Theirig
Bad dog - Cù dàna
Bite - Bìd
[Be] Careful / Beware - [Bi] Cùramach / [Bi] Faiceallach
Come - Trobhad
Come here - Thig anseo
Come with me - Thig leam
Come in - Thig a-steach / A-steach leat
Down / Lay down - Sìos / Laigh sìos / Laighe
Drop it - Leag sìos e
Fetch [it / that] - Faigh [é / sin]
Give it to me - Thoir dom é
Go home - Theirig dhachaigh
Good boy - Buachaille
Good dog - Cù math
Good job - Math thù fhèin
Heel / Come to [my] heel - Sàil / Gu sàil / Thig air mo chùl
Here - An seo
Here you are (when giving food) - Seo dhut
Jump - Leum
Leave it / Let it go - Sguir dheth
Left [hand] [on/to the left] / On my left - Air [làimh] chlì / Air mu làimh chlì
Look / Look at me - Seall / Seall orm[sa]
Off with you - Tog ort
Play dead - [Bi] Marbh
Quiet - [Bi] Sàmhach
Relax - Gabh fois
Right [hand] [on/to the right] / On my right - Air [làimh] dheis / Air mu làimh dheis
Roll over - Cuir car [air char]
Shake / Give me your paw - Thoir dhomh do spòg / Crath spòg
Seek / Track it - Lorg / Faigh lorg
Show me your paw - Seall dhomh do spòg
Sit / Sit down - Suidh / Suidh sìos
Speak - Labhair
Stand / Get up - Seas / Èirich
Stay / Wait - Fuirich / Fan
Stop - Stad
That’s it - Sin e
There - An sin
Want to go for a walk? - Coisich?

I'm not a native (or entirely fluent) speaker, so be sure to wait for confirmations/corrections, especially for tattoos.

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