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PostPosted: Mon 24 Apr 2017 8:06 pm 

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Hello! :wave:

I am a total noob at gaelic, and I have some trouble with some sentences. The translators I find say all sorts of different things, and the grammar, and its confusing...

Anyway, I'd be truly grateful for any kind of help, since I need this for some roleplay (larp) Im doing, And I just think irish is a perfect and beautiful language to use for spells, and the sort. Im not a native english speaker, and the sentences rhyme in my language, but yeah. That just explains why the rites and poems are... weird, in case anyone would wonder :LOL: :mrgreen:

Super sorry it got so long! Makes the gratitude quadrouple!! 8-)

Anyway! The sentences are as following

Find me at night, for there I'll sing

Chase me in dreams, for there I'll speak

Hear me in songs, for there I'll dance

See me in the mind, for there I'll appear/show

Feel me in the blood, for there I'll dwell

Seek me in the soul, for there I'll guard.

Only one rite, only one name
But call only upon me in gravest/deepest need

Find me in the blood, where the power is yours
For I am yours (plural), and you (plural) are mine

And all you do, and all you see
Be the power I recieve from you


Moon, star, aid my path
Moon, star, come to me
Hear my call in the black of night
Darkness shall steer away from me
Moon, star, guard my path
Guard my life, fail it not
Evil wishes shall from me flee
What is my will, so mote/shall it be


Stone, evil you shall deny
Send it to sea and earths embrace
Send it to fire and wind so pale
Stone of power, protect me


Tree, powerful is your energy
Take all pain, set it free


Ancient soul of ancient earth,
older than time can tell
Hear my voice and feel my will
make my wish reality


Wind of South, Wind of North
Come from mountain, come from inlet
Wind of Weast, Wind of East
Come from storm, come from shore
Show me stars this night
Every single one, will is set
Hear me, storm shall pass away
What is my will, so mote/shall it be


By earliest light in tallest of trees
By midnight at fullmoon glare
By the deepest silence on the fields of twilight
By spring rain gently on skin
Feel it around you (singular and plural), and in your blood

From the sea with secrets none shall reach
To the oldest of rocks in mountains
In morning dew from time before time
To hearts connected by silver
We carry eachother at chest

With the eyes of the raven and the wolf in night
With moon and stars as witness

In blood you (singular and plural) shall give
In blood you (singular and plural) shall recieve
In mist you (singular and plural) shall walk


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