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PostPosted: Thu 29 Dec 2022 9:23 pm 

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Di dhuit,

I am a beginning Irish language learner from the United States and am hoping to get verification on a tattoo translation, or suggestions for a different but related phrase in Irish if this translation is incorrect or does not seem fitting. I am very naïve of the complexities of the Irish language - so please forgive me! I appreciate y'all's help in advance!

I am hoping to get a translation of 'Keep Your Courage' which I have found a (possibly inaccurate) translation as: 'Coinnigh do misneach'

I am also wondering if 'mhisneach' or 'coimeád' would be more appropriate in this context. I know 'misneach' should be an accurate translation of 'courage' and 'do' should mean 'your', but I always worry about the accuracies of verbs like 'to keep' and commands like 'keep' in certain contexts. I also worry that this may be one of those sayings that says one thing but means something completely different among Irish speakers! Am also wondering if there are any suggestions as to what, if anything, should be capitalized in the phrase.

If this translation is inaccurate or too cringe-worthy, does anyone have any other recommendations for phrases along the line of honoring and fostering courage? I appreciate any and all suggestions!

Reason for getting the tattoo if you're curious but don't read if you don't want to: Come from a long line of Irish Catholic Americans on both sides of the family and want to honor that heritage in a meaningful way. I am an Irish history buff and am hoping to pick up the beautiful (yet tricky!) Irish language. Although I am a beginner, I find the Irish language to be one of the most poetic and soulful languages I've come across and fervently believe in preserving its existence. My dad's side of the family was heavily involved Irish Republican Brotherhood and I like the idea of having a reminder to embody that courage, or at least try to. Richard Mulcahy from the Easter Rising/War of Independence/Irish Civil War was a cousin of mine and I draw a lot of inspiration from his life. I am well-aware he was a controversial figure - I am NOT here to talk politics!!! Whatever your opinion is on him and the genesis of the Ireland is valid and respectable whether or not I were to be in disagreement with it. That being said, I am not here to give my opinion on such matters (not my place nor do I think this is the place) nor do I wish to discuss differences in opinion on this forum.

My preference is GM (ancestry is mostly from Munster) and CO, if applicable here

I do apologize if this phrase request already got posted on the forum somewhere - I looked and did not notice any such posts, but I easily could have missed one.

Thank you for taking the time to read and for any input!


PostPosted: Sat 31 Dec 2022 2:00 pm 
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It should be: do mhisneach = your courage

The dictionary ( recommends:
Bíodh uchtach agat = Keep up your courage, lit. Have courage!, more lit. Be courage at-you!
uchtach is another word for courage.

PostPosted: Sun 08 Jan 2023 2:06 pm 

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Bíodh misneach agat! - chin up!
Ná caill do mhisneach! - don't lose your courage!

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