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 Post subject: Re: That is Irish!!
PostPosted: Fri 11 May 2018 12:58 pm 
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Vitaee wrote:
Sin Gaeilge (present)
B'in Gaeilge (past)

Yes, that's how I'd say it. But I'm not a grammar expert.

 Post subject: Re: That is Irish!!
PostPosted: Fri 11 May 2018 5:44 pm 

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Vitaee wrote:
I get what you're saying about "THE Irish language" vs "IN Irish". But in my original question, I was imagining I just said something in Irish, and somebody asked me "What language was that?" In that scenario, I didn't speak the whole Irish language, so wouldn't it be more like Lughaidh implied later that I just spoke PART of the Irish language thus making it an indefinite "Gaeilge" versus a definite "an Ghaeilge" and all the grammatical rules that implies?

I agree now with Lughaidh: no article here.

Vitaee wrote:
Bríd Mhór wrote:
With spoken Irish, we just say: Sin Gaeilge!

I take it that's the informal everyday spoken Irish vs the stricter written standard version. I also assume your answer means "That IS Irish", but how would you say "That WAS Irish" in the same format?

I don't think these versions are less formal, at least in present tense.
It depends more on circumstances than on formality.
Sin ... is a presenting formula ("Look there, that is ..."), much like French voilà or Latin ecce
In fact even etymologically it is the same: originally ag sin ("look that", "ag" earlier "acc" related to "feic", it is not the preposition) in Classical Irish.
Is ... é sin is more determing (that thing, not this or any other thing, is ...)

A bit different is "b'in" in past tense.
Because such sentences weren't copula sentences originally, and forms like "in" or "eo" are hard to justify etymologically, Standard Irish disallowed all forms with a visible copula, so that only "ba ... é sin" should be used in past tense. (so in GGBC)
But many dialects have used such forms for at least 200 years and recent revisions of Standard Irish accept them, too.

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